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Tailored to the
needs of your team

Our software is a user-friendly modular solution designed to enhance all aspects of your work day.

Resident Memberships

Performance Tracking

Task Management

Issue Tracking

Team Management

Report Generation

Statistics & Analytics

Knowledge Base

Accessibility First

Our approachable web based application is optimized to work on any device - even screen readers.

Security Oriented

Utilizing industry standard security protocols, daily backups, along with a sophisticated permission management we go through great lengths to ensure your data is safe.

User Friendly

Software can be intimidating to use, ours aims to not only be powerful but to also be a joy to use, and a breeze to learn.

Built to accomplish



A collaborative Content Management System to allow your staff and users to build content in the form of articles, posts, comments, and more.


Integrated Customer(Resident) Relationship Management. Pipelines and tools to allow you to interact with residents based on metrics such as service level agreements, priorities, and more.


Integrated Workflow Management tools, built specifically to enhance the productivity of day to day tasks and to minimize repetition.


Built to perform

user friendly


The heart of QueryFox is the query management tool. Easily accept queries through multiple channels. Organize and Prioritize queries through an intuitive platform.


Assign Queries and day to day work to multiple internal and external teams. Create Service Level agreements based on Process Maps. Easily manage escalation when standards aren't met.


The conduit for communications within your organization and with the outside world. Easily organize and archive issues and create collaborative discussions.


Measure success, evaluate processes and create a culture of constant improvement. Create online dialogue with external customers to further improve your organization and the ability to deliver results. Easily define and measure your key performance indicators.


Real time identification of trending issues. Create triggers that alert you to new and emerging situations in your organization. Automated notifications when thresholds are reached. Regional mapping integration for on the ground issues.


Dashboard technology integrated to give at a glance information to Managers and Decision makers. Integrates multiple data streams and Service Level indicators into a comprehensive tool that you can use to instantly take the pulse of your organization.


A comprehensive tool that allows for slicing and dicing of all of your data. The most comprehensive reporting tool you will have to measure current statistics and past trends.


Organize and Create content that delivers quick answers to your internal and external customers. Identify gaps in process maps and fill in the holes to reduce future escalations and queries.


Payment Gateway, Fee Collection, Event Tickets, Permitting and Application system directly linked to resident profiles. Automatic billing and approvals.


Budgeting, Strategic Planning and Finance management tools to align all of your Municipalities goals to the services you deliver.


Track your assets, buildings, roads vehicles and equipment. Easily manage long and short term planning for Capital and Maintenance work and replacement.


Direct integration with Voice Assistant, Home Automation and Handsfree technology. Allow controlled access to your knowledge base and services.

Built with the
user in mind

From user subscriptions, endorsements, discussions, profiles, to teams. QueryFox is designed to establish a new level of collaboration between the municipality and the residents.


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